The inspiring story of Kristy Urbanski
Giving up the diet resolution
Fighting obesity by conquering “The Hunger Within”
Is your New Year’s resolution to lose weight?
U-M class takes focus off fad diets to curb obesity epidemic
Comments From Workshop Participants
"I want to share my progress with you.  Since September I have lost 100 lbs.  My blood pressure
is 104/58.  My little sister said to me the other day that I seemed different, not only my physical
appearance, but my insides.  She said you're happy.  I haven't weighed this weight since the
late 80's, but the difference is I didn't feel good about myself then.  I can shop in the regular
clothes department now and the selection is so great.  You and your workshop have been a
miracle in my life."
"I believe this workshop has made a strong impact on my life and will continue to influence
future decisions. The format was very well structured to be informative and helpful. The
instructor was great!"
"I have recommended this workshop to my friends, therapist and psychiatrist! I am not the
same person that came here 12 weeks ago!  I have made numerous positive steps forward!"
"I wish I could have found this workshop a lot earlier. It has made a big change in my life. I have
been forever changed!  Thank you."
"This is probably one of the best things I have done for myself! I am absolutely amazed at what I
have learned!"
"Marilyn, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have so many things to look forward to
besides food now! I appreciate all the eye-opening information and gentle nudges towards
awareness. You are doing a great and necessary work."
"This class was excellent! Marilyn has pulled together concepts I have heard in different places
in different contexts-and not about food-and made it applicable and meaningful for my
problems with losing weight and eating inappropriately. Things make much more sense now.  
Thank you."
"This workshop and workbook are outstanding. Marilyn is an excellent presenter and group
leader/facilitator. I have learned a great deal about my eating behaviors and where they
emanate from. I have real hope for the first time that I can permanently extinguish my binges
and emotional eating."
"The Hunger Within workshop has changed my life in a magnificent and powerful way.
Choosing the words to convey this compelling experience is almost impossible. The changes
in my life due to the workshop will have to set the picture.

It means.............

enjoying friends and family's company more than the food I am eating.

not being embarrassed by someone walking up the stairs behind me.

looking forward to going to the recreation center daily and then feeling proud of myself after the

the blood pressure cuff fits my upper arm.

sweets don't have the 'bang' that they used to.

waking up in the morning without shame or guilt for what I ate the day before.

not being afraid to put my jeans in the dryer.

the calmness and contentment I feel now, has as much power as the urge was to eat the
whole bag of potato chips.

stepping out of my old, dusty full of fear box.

These subtle changes have added up to one big beautiful life thanks to Marilyn and her
workshop. As Lance Armstrong says: 'I now have only good days and great days.'"